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BP-600 Balance Isiolation Power Supply

18.00 LBS
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Product Description


This is a low noise balanced isolation AC power supply for recording studios, video or film production facility, radio station or home equipment. This toroidal transformer is very efficient being 95% more efficient than usual transformers. This unit will eliminate both the humming noise and buzz from electrical noise and high voltage spikes coming from AC line. The isolation transformer utilizes faraday shield to reduce electrostatic coupling between primary and secondary.

    This BP Series balance power supply includes an EMI/RFI filter module in power input. All noise will be filtered out before coming into the chassis inside. It will suppress and bypass both common mode and differential mode noise from the AC line. Furthermore, our transformers built in a faraday shield between primary and secondary to reduce noise and high voltage spike from AC line. With this shielding and additional MOV, the unit can compress high voltage spikes or surge up to a ratio of 100:1.

    This BP series balance power supply is commonly used in high end HiFi equipment to improve music quality. This unit can also be used in high sensitivity tests and measurement tests to eliminate external noise interference.

ChatGPT Said:    

A balanced power supply is a type of power supply that provides equal voltage levels with respect to ground from both the hot and neutral lines. In other words, a balanced power supply has a center tap that connects to the ground, and the voltage on each side of the center tap is equal and opposite.

Here are some key features of a balanced power supply:

  1. Lower noise: Balanced power supplies are designed to reduce the amount of noise and interference that is introduced into audio and video equipment. This is because the equal and opposite voltages cancel out some of the noise that is present on the power lines.

  2. Improved performance: By providing a balanced power supply, audio and video equipment can perform better, with less distortion and better signal quality. This is especially important for high-end audio and video equipment where the quality of the power supply can significantly impact performance.

  3. Enhanced safety: A balanced power supply also provides enhanced safety features, as it reduces the risk of electrical shock and equipment damage. This is because there is no potential difference between the hot and neutral lines, which means that there is less of a risk of short circuits and ground faults.

  4. Higher cost: Balanced power supplies tend to be more expensive than standard power supplies due to their more complex design and added components.

  5. Applications: Balanced power supplies are commonly used in high-end audio and video equipment, as well as in medical and scientific equipment that requires precise and stable power supplies.

Overall, a balanced power supply offers improved performance, enhanced safety, and reduced noise for audio and video equipment, making it an ideal choice for high-end applications where quality and reliability are critical.

Product Brief

  • Weight: 18lb
  • Dimensions: 10" d x 8" w x 4" h
 Electrical Characteristics


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