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Tech FAQ

Question 1:       Humming noise from transformer

Answer:   Toroidal transformer does not allow any DC current in the coils. A small DC current can saturate the magnetic core. Make sure there is no half-wave rectify circuit connected to the transformer. DC current may also come from AC line. Some old electric heater use half-wave temperature control circuit and it will generate DC current back to AC power. If your transformer connect to the same circuit, DC current will go to primary. 

Question 2:       How to connect to AC power

Answer:   You can connect to 115Vac or 230Vac. For 115Vac, connect both red wire to neutral and both black to hot.  For 230Vac, connect 1st wire (black) and 4th wire (red) to 230Vac power and the middle (physical location) two wires (one red and one black).


Question 3:       Track light transformer over heat or burn out

Answer:   Most light dimmers do not have a perfect 0 crossing on the sine wave. Some DC current goes to the primary of the transformer and make it noisy and hot.  You can change the dimmer to fan speed control (same place as you buy the dimmer).



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